Welcome to Maxima Corporate Services Pty Ltd

MAXIMA CORPORATE is a corporate advisory service company. Its objective is to assist companies from start-up to initial public offering (IPO) or expansion.

In addition to corporate advisory, MAXIMA CORPORATE assists in capital raising.

We provide tailor-made corporate advisory services to small and medium enterprises (SME’s).

MAXIMA CORPORATE we want you to feel at ease about raising capital, exit and corporate strategies which can include:

  • Preparing your company to be investor ready

  • Unlocking the equity in your company

  • Raising capital

  • Seeking equity partners

  • Due diligence process

  • Advisory Referral Service

  • Executive Assist

  • Your exit strategy

  • Corporate strategies

  • Creating value and

  • Solving corporate issues

  • Finance

  • Corporate Governance

Dominic A.Varrasso, through his legal practice Varrasso & Associates (Varrasso Legal), is an:

  • accredited sponsor with the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (ASSOB) and

  • a nominated advisor listed with National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX).


Tel:            03 9642 4255

Facsimile: 03 9670 4474

Mobile:      0410 410 356

Skype:      maximacorporateservice

Email: maxima@varrasso.com.au





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